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This week’s episode is depressing but what’s new! The girls get in to the Weinstein saga as Anna has been deep diving a little too far in to it for her day job. Shereen starts to stress eat mid-way through the episode. They then get into Bob Corker coming out about Trump’s need to be babysat by White House staffers, and how the UN has finally blacklisted Saudi Arabia’s alliance in Yemen for killing too many children (never thought we’d have to write that out, but here we are.) After that they discuss Muslim comedian Ramy Youssef getting a pilot presentation at Hulu and how dope that is cause fiiiiiiinally, am I right? Big shouts to Ibtihaj Muhammad! And the girls dicuss the wildfires that ravaged Northern California wine country. Oh, and Dove, what are you doing out here with these ads? Mhm.