Ethnically Ambiguous with Anna & Shereen

Anna and Shereen are here to talk about what it’s like to be a modern Middle Easterner living in America. Prepare for a deep-ish dive into US politics, ridiculous perspectives on life and stuff, and real talk about being brown in this country.


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The Hosts

Anna is an Iranian-American live comedy/video/podcast producer, writer, and filmmaker working on a wide variety of projects incorporating comedians, artists, writers, and musicians along with working with online platforms such as Nerdist, Cracked, Seeso, Earwolf & more. Shereen is a Syrian-American filmmaker who writes, directs, produces, and shoots short films and music videos, utilizing her experience in commercial production for companies including RSA, Arts & Sciences, PYTKA, and Interscope. They hosted the Ethnically Ambiguous web series together on YouTube’s Snarled Network.

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Special thanks to Brendan Small for our theme song!


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Oh damn it’s episode 17 and the show is a teen now. That’s right, you don’t know us! *door slams* – okay anyway, the girls do a quick round up of the wild news that’s been coming out of Saudi Arabia, an update on Qatar, Syria signing the climate change agreement, & look at Trump’s relationship with Kim Jong Un. The girls also have a special guest by the name of Miles Gray – that’s right, one of the co-hosts of Anna’s day job podcast The Daily Zeitgeist. The go through Miles’s upbringing in LA with a Japanese mother and African-American father and their unconventional ways (in the context of being an immigrant parent) of supporting his artistic endeavors. It’s a great show and Miles is super interesting (his dad was Michael Jackson’s personal photographer!!) so give it a listen and get down. Find Miles at @MilesOfGray on Twitter and Instagram.