Real Life Sci-Fi with Wade & Willy

We are a comedy podcast. A late night bar conversation about conspiracies, creatures and all things paranormal. Should the world be categorized as fiction or non-fiction? 1 skeptic. 1 believer. 1 guest.


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Wade Randolph (Channel 101 bio) and Willy Roberts (Channel 101 bio) are writers, actors and DIY Channel 101 legends. Wade is the creator of "Business" as well as a writer for Rick & Morty, and Willy has starred and performed in more Channel 101 shows then anyone in its history.


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Wade is a cynic, Willy believes in it all. Is there some truth to chemtrails? Is the government controlling us with chemicals? Uncle Grandpa writer and Channel 101 producer Kelsy Abbott guests and helps weigh in on what sounds feasible and whats total bullsh*t.

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