Conversations with Matt Dwyer
"Conversations With Matt Dwyer" is a weekly show were Dwyer sits down and converses with people from all walks of life; from Harvard Graduates to BDSM porn actresses, Matt believes that an individual doesn't have to be a famous to be engaging, fascinating, insightful or hilarious. Everyone has a great story and that story should be told. The concept of this show was inspired by the work of Matt's hero, Studs Terkel, and is a dark tip of the hat to him.

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The Host

Matt Dwyer is a comedian, actor and writer who has been a staple in the alternative comedy scenes in Chicago, New York and LA. He has written and performed with the most notable names in comedy. He is immensely proud to be doing this show and to be a part of the Feral Audio Collective. He also is pretty when wearing lipstick.


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21 – Social Critic, Dan Kovalik

In 2003, Dan Kovalik sued Coca Cola for paramilitaries killing and torturing union organizers in Columbia. He is a highly respected social critic, professor, labor rights lawyer and human being. He sits down with Dwyer for an engaging in-depth conversation about a wide array of topics including the weakening of unions, Obama’s foreign policy and America’s military involvement with third world countries.



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