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The guys who made the internet show Yacht Rock talk about music other than Yacht Rock.


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The Host

JD Ryznar is a Hollywood writer. He knows very little about music, but enjoys imagining elaborate scenarios inspired by popular songs.

David B Lyons is a Hollywood Location Manager. He knows a little about music, but feels the need to compartmentalize genres, then rank them.

Hollywood Steve Huey is a former staff writer for, a former talking head for VH1, and currently the only unmarried man on this podcast.

Hunter Stair is from Flint, MI.


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The guys count down an upbeat 80’s rock genre that celebrates personal freedom.

Show Notes

Intro song: “One Dance” by Drake feat. WizKid (Amazon)
Better intro song: “Just Like Paradise” by David Lee Roth (Amazon)

- “One Dance” is doing well on the charts
- “Song of the Summer”
- Auto-tune rapping
- Drake is depressing



Yacht Rock Bone Throw: “Who’ll Be the Fool Tonight” by Larsen/Feiten Band (Amazon)

- Neal Larsen and Harold “Buzz” Feiten
- Nielsen & Pearson (“If You Should Sail”)
- Yacht Rock loves singing about “fools”
- Album “Larsen Feiten Band” by Larsen/Feiten Band
- “Danger Zone” by Larsen/Feiten Band (“Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins (and Giorgio Moroder)
- The vertical line on the album cover
- Larsen is a keyboardist (with Gregg Allman, Rickie Lee Jones, George Harrison, Kenny Loggins)
- Feiten worked with Jones, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, David Sanborn, Michael Brecker, Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Paul Butterfield (played at Woodstock)
- “Bonanza” Yacht Rock folks
- Lenny Castro (the go-to percussionist in Yacht Rock; worked with Melissa Manchester, the Pointer Sisters, Jeff Porcaro)
- Chuck Findley (trumpeter who worked with Steely Dan)
- Larsen is best known to Leonard Cohen fans as foremost expert of Hammond B3 organ
- Feiten invented the Buzz Feiten Tuning System (YouTube)
- Album “Guitar Workshop in L.A.” with Feiten, Ted Castellucci, James Harrah, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter



Camaro Summer
Example song: “Chevy Nights” by Survivor (Amazon)
Example song: “Interstate Love Affair” by Night Ranger (Amazon)

Camaro Summer songs are from a blue-collar perspective. I’ve worked hard all week, but now it’s time for the weekend. That means major chords, American beef (like a Camaro), and a feel-good vibe. It’s the soundtrack to your summer with a driving beat. Most Camaro Summer songs are from the 1982-85 era, which is the longest stretch ever of the Camaro outselling the Ford Mustang. Lyrically, freedom is important, and the five pillars of freedom: summer, nights, cars, weekends, rock ‘n’ roll.

- “Put it on the grill!”
- Steve is now the Ed McMahon of the podcast (not Flavor Flav)
- Ford Aspire
- Chevrolet Camaro
- Chez “Sniz”
- Short Canadian summers



10. “Summer Nights” by Van Halen (Amazon)

- Van Hagar
- Hagar: a homeless beach bum (not yet in Cabo)
- “Cabo Wabo” by Van Halen
- Kickin’ back with Guy Fieri
- Hagar’s bad front kick


9. “Crazy, Crazy Nights” by KISS (Amazon)


- Winning a “sweet ass softball game”
- Paul Stanley can’t sing; Paul Stanley can talk
- KISS coasts all the time
- Ted Nugent and Skid Row


8. “Paradise” by Michael Bolton (Amazon)

- Album “Michael Bolton” by Michael Bolton
- Album “Michael Boloton” by Michael Boloton
- 1984 Chevy Camaro Berlinetta
- Aldo Nova on the synthesizer (House Nova)


7. “One Too Many Girlfriends” by REO Speedwagon (Amazon)

- Kevin Cronin (lead singer of REO Speedwagon)
- Screwball comedy with 3, 4 nude shots (“Screwballs,” “Hardbodies,” “Spring Break,” “Blame it on Rio”)
- Kevin Cronin is cheesy
- “Gloria” by Them
- Styx


6. “Feels Like Love” by Survivor (Amazon)

- Survivor’s “Rocky” soundtrack songs
- Album “Premonition” by Survivor; songs “Summer Nights,” “Didn’t Know it Was Love,” “High on You,” “Poor Man’s Son”
- Cheap Journey ripoff
- Clubber Lang



50 States in 50 Podcasts: Pennsylvania
“Freedom of ‘76” by Ween (Amazon)

Other artists from Pennsylvania:
- The Roots (Questlove), Boyz II Men, Delfonics, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, the Stylistics, the Three Degrees, MFSB, Grover Washington Jr. (moved to Philly), Daryl Hall and John Oates, Poison, Cinderella, Britny Fox

- Ween is from New Hope, Pa.
- Philadelphia (freedom, cracked Liberty Bell, ho on South Street, “Mannequin” being filmed at Wanamaker’s, Boyz II Men singing “Motown Philly,” Fairmount Park)
- Todd Rundgren (doing soul as parody of self [also from Pennsylvania])
- Ween are Gene and Dean Ween
- Album “12 Golden Country Greats” by Ween
- Album “The Mollusk” by Ween
- Movie “It’s Pat” (Ween plays “Don’t Get 2 Close 2 My Fantasy”)
- Glass armonica, invented by Ben Franklin
- Philly soul (Philadelphia International Records; Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff)
- “TSOP” by MFSB (theme to “Soul Train”)
- O’Jays and Spinners were on Phila Intl.
- “Let it Flow” by Grover Washington Jr. (dedicated to Julius Erving)



5. “Main Attraction” by Quiet Riot (Amazon)

- A Warrant ballad (“Heaven”)
- Album “QR III” by Quiet Riot
- John Purdell on synthesizer (hair metal go-to synth guy)
- “break those chains that bind you”
- Jizzy Pearl (Love/Hate)


4. “Keep on Runnin’” by Journey (Amazon)

- Michael Bolton’s death scream
- Steve Perry’s a poet
- Neal Schon


3. “Summertime Girls” by Y&T (Amazon)

- Y&T means Yesterday & Today
- Video for “Summertime Girls” by Y&T
- Twisted Sister, David Lee Roth
- Lars Ulrich, Trey Spruance credit Y&T as major influence
- Ratt, Enuff Z’nuff
- Album “Earthshaker” by Y&T
- Album “Mean Streak” by Y&T (song “Mean Streak”)
- Santa Cruz Pier (where they shot Tim Cappello’s sax scene in “The Lost Boys”)


2. “Panama” by Van Halen (Amazon)

- “Panama” is David Lee Roth’s 1951 Mercury
- Panama City, Florida
- Panama Canal
- “seed sack”


1. “Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy (Amazon)

- Cowbell (as herald)!
- Camaros were built in Canada
- Mike Reno: Kurt Cobain killed Loverboy


Other proposed genre songs:
- “Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days” by Judas Priest (album “Turbo”)
- “Stone in Love” by Journey

Also: Beyond Yacht Rock is coming to San Diego! (4 p.m. July 23)


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