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We are a comedy podcast. A late night bar conversation about conspiracies, creatures and all things paranormal. Should the world be categorized as fiction or non-fiction? 1 skeptic. 1 believer. 1 guest.


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Wade Randolph (Channel 101 bio) and Willy Roberts (Channel 101 bio) are writers, actors and DIY Channel 101 legends. Wade is the creator of "Business" as well as a writer for Rick & Morty, and Willy has starred and performed in more Channel 101 shows then anyone in its history.


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Guest Chris Cantey and Willy are big fans of Time Control/Traveling expert David Lewis Anderson, but how many of his theories are tangible and how many are way out there?

Show Notes

1. David Lewis Anderson Biography

"David Lewis Anderson, born in Weirton, West Virginia is a physicist whose interests are in spacetime physics, special relativity and global community service. Anderson received multiple degrees, graduating with honors in the fiels of engineering, physics and philosophy..."

2. Ong's Hat (Wikipedia)

"Ong's Hat was one of the earliest Internet-based secret history conspiracy theories created as a piece of collaborative fiction (aka Incunabula) by four core individuals, although the membership propagating the tale changed over time..."

3. Atlantykron (Wikipedia)

"Atlantykron is an annual Summer Academy of Learning in Romania, sponsored by David Lewis Anderson's World Genesis Foundation, with support from the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO..."