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My Brother’s Sneaker is a podcast hosted by comedy writers Yassir and Isaiah Lester, real life brothers who want to help you take your shoe game to the next level.


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Yassir Lester is a stand up comedian, writer, and actor I guess? He has written for GIRLS on HBO, The Carmichael Show on NBC, Black Dynamite and Mr. Pickles on [adult swim], and currently appears on Making History on FOX. He’s a sneakerhead, and rejected Jordans for years claiming he didn’t like them but really he just couldn’t afford them.

Isaiah is a writer and director -- but mostly a sneakerhead -- who is currently writing for FOX’s Making History. Prior to that, you may have seen his work on Beats By Dre ad campaigns and Comedy Central’s failed Snapchat series "Never Wrong."

Isaiah wears a size 12 men’s shoe and is open to receiving gifts from strangers on the internet.


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Isaiah and Yassir, still separated, try to guess the topics the other is going to talk about. A look into the creative process as the last two true podcasters and living geniuses share their thoughts with an undeserving public. Steve Bannon stops by again to chat with the guys, and they debut their newest gang, #BannonBoyz

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