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Interviews intermittently jolted by DJ Douggpound’s signature drops and sound bites. Guests include musicians, comedians, directors, random ass teenagers… anyone might show up.
The Poundcast has no rules dude.


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Doug Lussenhop is a comedy writer, editor and performer. His distinctive style can be seen on such shows as Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Portlandia. He often performs as his alter ego DJ Douggpound - a "Joke DJ" who tells jokes that lead to musical numbers and remixes. Doug was the opening act for several tours with Tim and Eric and he has performed all over the U.S., including The Bridgetown Comedy Festival and Just For Laughs.


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Doug is joined by comedian and Pound House collaborator Brent Weinbach… And introducing Jake Weiss, a teenager who just graduated high school! Jake has been working as Doug’s intern. Jake also happens to look like he could be Brent’s son. What is it like to be a teenager in this day in age? Listen to this funny conversation and find out!

Show Notes

Brent's new comedy record Mostly Live:

Brent's YouTube channel: