Dino and Andy's Skull Juice

What happens when two jerks get together and squeeze random crap out of each other’s brains? Well, you get SKULL JUICE, of course. Roughly an hour dialogue between Dino and Andy, two longtime friends who performed comedy together a quarter of a century ago on the stages and subways of Chicago. Listen to what they both think about almost everything… If you dare!!! I mean… if you care!!!


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Andy Dick started performing comedy in order to be accepted, and nothing’s really changed. From his step-parents’ modest home in Joliet Illinois to his current modest home in Hollywood, California --- the star of News Radio and The Andy Dick Show -- never let modesty get in the way of his enormous ego and/or talent. Also, he’s sober now. Can you believe it?!!!

Dino has loved comedy and monsters since he was little. When he grew up, he successfully married the two. His company, Starburns Industries, has produced some of the best and strangest animation tv & film ever, winning numerous awards, including an Academy Award nomination. Dino alone has won more than a handful of Emmy’s for his writing. Good job! Don’t forget about your sad friend, Andy Dick. He has no awards and is extremely sad and lonely. Did I mention his nose is huge? His nose is matched in size only by his huge ego and alcohol problem.


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Making the most of all their worries and now purely guest-less (except for Tish And The Usual Gang), these two goofs return to the studio. “Good jokes today,” one of them will say. Oh, turns out Dino invited Sam Jay. She arrives just in time for his herpes story. Do you want hot wings with that?

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