Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger love to talk almost as much as they love to eat. On Doughboys, they review chain restaurants and generally gab about grub.


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Mike Mitchell is a writer, actor, and comedian from Quincy, MA. His credits include Parks and Recreation and IFC’s The Birthday Boys. He has loved food his entire life and is happy he finally found an outlet to talk about it.

Nick Wiger (rhymes with "tiger") is a writer, director, and food fanatic, originally from sunny Southern California. His credits include @midnight, Comedy Bang! Bang!, and Funny or Die.


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Conan and Screenjunkies vet Nick Mundy hops in studio to talk sports, Texas grub, and west coast burger joint and tiki bar combo Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks. Mundy, Mitch, and Wiger make a culinary visit to the World of Warcraft in a new Snack or Wack.

Show Notes
TwitterDoughboys // Mike Mitchell // Nick Wiger
Guest: Nick Mundy




Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks (Wikipedia)
- Founder: Tony DeGrazier
- Founded: California (September 21, 1962)
- Locations: >50 Restaurants



Food Gallery (Islands Menu):

1. Nachos:


2. Cheese Fries:


3. Hula Bay IPA:


4. Coors & Cocktail:


5. Big Wave with Cheese:


6. Mavericks Burger:


7. Hawaiian Burger:


8. Caesar Salad:


9. Chocolate Lava: