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Podcast: The Ride is hosted by Scott Gairdner (Moonbeam City, Conan), Mike Carlson (UCB, Screen Junkies) and Jason Sheridan (Flulanthropy, UCB). Three theme park nerds who have very strong opinions about everything from ride design to amusement park fudge. No debate or piece of information is too weird or obscure for these ADULT MEN.


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The Hosts

Michael R. Carlson has been to Disneyland 110 times in 9 years. His brain is a bottomless pit for kitsch, nostalgia and hillbilly robot bears singing country songs. When he’s not hurling money at a faceless multi-national corporation, he writes and acts in Los Angeles. You’ve probably seen him in things like Netflix’s “Handsome” or products’ “commercials.”

Scott Gairdner has snuck many theme park references into his work at Conan, Funny Or Die, and his animated series Moonbeam City. He is a former Universal Studios tour guide. His gender-neutral uniform khakis still fit.

Jason Sheridan is a writer and performer in Los Angeles. More importantly, he is a former Disney Vacation Club member. He hopes to one day own a home in Walt Disney World’s Golden Oaks neighborhood. Maybe you’ve seen him at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Los Angeles. Or in the movie, The Circle. His dad sure has!


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This episode contains an alarmingly sincere discussion of It’s A Small World with special guest, Marissa Strickland (UCB, Happy Endings).

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