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Feral Audio, the fiercely independent podcast network, is launching a spirited new show called Drinky Fun Time. Hosted by celebrated wine and spirits expert and author Dan Dunn and British entertainment journalist Emma Patterson, the weekly podcast will showcase two of life’s simple pleasures, adult beverages and celebrity guests.

Recorded on location at bars, distilleries and other boozy locales worldwide, Drinky Fun Time is the manifestation of Dan and Emma’s mission to serve listeners top shelf libation knowledge, along with hilarious insights and real celebrity conversations. Episode one features “Rick & Morty” co-creator Dan Harmon and electro-pop singer Halsey; episode two welcomes “Everybody Loves Raymond” creator Phil Rosenthal with comedian Tom Caltabiano as they lunch at Los Angeles favorite, Republique. In the weeks following the show’s launch, guests scheduled to appear include Anthony Bourdain, Kurt Russell, Allison Janney, director Guillermo Del Toro, Walton Goggins, chef Curtis Stone, Aisha Tyler, and many more.

“After so many years writing about drinking, it occurred to me that talking about drinking might be fun too… and far less likely to cause carpal tunnel,” says Dunn. “Drinky Fun Time is the culmination of a life spent perched on barstools, studying booze, dreaming about booze, drinking booze and dropping the names of famous people I know. Oh, and did I mention my buddy Kurt Russell will be a guest on the show?”

Catch the preview teaser featuring Anthony Bourdain, and download the first two episodes now available on Feral Audio.


Talking Shit with the Sklar Brothers

(This article originally appeared on Splitsider. Click here to read the full piece.)

The Sklar Brothers have been talking a lot of shit lately. Literally. The duo are the executive producers of a new documentary about bowel movements called Poop Talk, which debuts tonight at the Lower East Side Film Festival in New York. The film is an open and earnest look at, well, pooping, featuring a ton of comedians like Paul Scheer, Pete Holmes, Nikki Glaser, and Nick Swardson, along with actual experts in the fields of gastroenterology and evolutionary psychology. I talked to the Sklars about overcoming their reservations about the film, moving their podcasts to a new network, and their upcoming new comedy special. (read more)


Fear Based Life LIVE.

Actor and comedian Mel Stephens brings her weekly exploration of phobias to live audiences around L.A., and discovers that fear is the tie that binds.

Melissa Stephen’s raw comedic podcast “Fear Based Life” explores phobias that range from a fear of snakes to the fear of death. The host will take a live version of the weekly show to the stage on Friday, June 23rd, at the Lyric Theater in Los Angeles.

“Vulnerably honest and funny”, ‘Fear Based Life’ launched last summer on Feral Audio, and was immediately recognized by Vogue as one of the best podcasts to listen to in 2016. On the show, Mel openly discusses her fears and invites fellow comedians on to do the same. Podcast guests have included Steve Agee, Baron Vaughn, and Eliza Skinner.

“Fear Based Life LIVE” goes interactive by asking guests to perform something that they’re afraid of doing through stand-up, a character, or music. They also have the option of performing something that makes them really happy. Additionally, the audience is asked to jot down fears and Stephens picks someone to interview toward the end of the show. The result is a laugh and cry fest about personal phobias, the current political climate, and any other fears that that can be improvised.

“I’m shocked that the podcast and the live show are being so well received. I thought I was just crazy. We make you feel all the feels and I think that’s something we all really need right now.”

“Fear Based Life” premieres new episodes every Tuesday on Feral Audio. It’s the only explicitly rated #1 podcast in the Religious and Spiritual category of iTunes, and listeners faithfully download the show up to five thousand times per week. The June 23rd live show will feature Nick Court, Daniel Van Kirk, Drew Droege, and more. (read more)



Two Local Comedy Writers Have A Podcast All About Los Feliz

This article originally appeared on LAist. Click here to read it in full!

Here’s a typical conversation between two people who have lived in Los Angeles for about six months:
Person 1, superficial: Doesn’t L.A. feel less like a city and more like a bunch of suburbs squished next to each other?
Person 2, an intellectual who decided to Wikipedia Los Angeles history: Actually, L.A. is a bunch of formerly independent municipalities or privately-owned sections of land incorporated into one city. That’s why the borders are so weird, and why some places are still technically their own city, like West Hollywood or Beverly Hills. (read more)



LA Weekly: Two Comedy Writers Have Started a Really F’ing Useful Los Feliz Podcast

From the original article by Kristen Lepore:

Imagine if the NextDoor app were narrated by two funny writers who love their neighborhood. That’s the best way I can describe Los Feliz: The Podcast. It is hyperlocal at its core but it’s not all gadfly news. It’s entertaining, especially for locals, and the hosts —TV comedy writers Morgan Murphy and Robin Shorr — have the right chemistry to make it worthwhile. “We’re two Jews who live five houses apart. We’re gonna get together and talk — why not invite other neighbors into it?” Murphy says. (read more)



Los Feliz: The Podcast takes a comedic look at one of LA’s oldest and quirkiest neighborhoods, with the help of some of its famous residents.

TV Comedy writers Morgan Murphy and Robin Shorr share insights into the unique community culture that is Los Feliz.

Feral Audio is pleased to announce the launch of “Los Feliz: The Podcast”, starring TV comedy writers Morgan Murphy (2 Broke Girls, Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and Robin Shorr (The Carmichael Show, Galavant). In this lively weekly discussion, the two comedians will explore what makes Los Feliz unique, dishing about the latest neighborhood news, and interviewing residents, business owners, and local politicians for insider tips, events, and some thoughtful community ribbing.

Whether it’s a tap water taste-test, sharing Los Feliz ghost stories, or a fervent discussion of Katy Perry buying a convent, nothing is off limits in this hilarious weekly audio play, which will feature local luminaries and celebrity resident guests like TV show creator Jonathan Ames (HBO’s Bored to Death, Showtime’s Blunt Talk) and actor Adam Godley (Breaking Bad, Love, Actually).

“We’re excited to share insights into our weird little neighborhood with everything from our #1 pet stores to the best place to go for bottomless mimosas. We also wanted to share a slice of what it’s like living in this little corner of Los Angeles that’s become so special to us.” say hosts Morgan Murphy and Robin Shorr.

Los Feliz: The Podcast will rollout with a creative outdoor advertising campaign and will continue to be supported and driven by local community input to the website and its social media channels. Neighborhood enthusiasts eager to share news, events, and tidbits are encouraged to email losfelizthepodcast@gmail.com, visit www.feralaudio.com/losfeliz, or connect on Twitter @losfelizthepodcast. (read more)