Obsessed with Joseph Scrimshaw
OBSESSED is a comedy podcast about liking things a little too much. Hosted by comedian and writer, Joseph Scrimshaw, guests share their deepest loves from Star Wars to Knitting to Pro-Wrestling to Cats and everything in between.

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The Host

Joseph Scrimshaw is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. He’s appeared at the San Francisco SketchFest, Chicago Improv Festival, Wil Wheaton and Adam Savage’s w00tstock, headlined the Jonathan Coulton Cruise, appeared on Geek & Sundry’s TableTop, and been a guest performer at multiple festivals, conventions, and bars across the country.

Joseph’s writing credits include the movie riffing site RiffTrax, the radio show Wits (where he wrote sketches for Tim Meadows, Dave Foley, Andy Richter, and more), Ora TV’s weird news comedy show WTFark, and multiple episodes of the Feral Audio podcast Getting On With James Urbaniak.

Joseph also wrote a book of essays and jokes about geek culture called Comedy of Doom. His plays Adventures in Mating, An Inconvenient Squirrel, and My Monster (written with Bill Corbett) have been performed all over the US, the UK, and, strangely, Bulgaria.

Joseph’s comedy album, Flaw Fest features one album of comedy and another album of original songs inspired by the comedy. John Hodgman said, “I am glad Joseph Scrimshaw has the power of thought and audible speech, or else this very funny album would not exist.”

Joseph also likes squirrels and watching his wife knit.



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