Truu Stowray

Truu Stowray is the true story of Dave Holmes and Mike Doughty, two 90s pop-culture obsessives, picked to live in a podcast, recap classic seasons of MTV’s The Real World, and find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting very, very real about the music, the clothes, and the zeitgeist of the last decade of the 20th Century.


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The Host

Dave Holmes is an editor-at-large for, and his memoir Party Of One is out now. He was a VJ on MTV back around the turn of the millennium. Kids, go ask an old person what that sentence means.

Mike Doughty’s most recent albums include Stellar Motel and The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns. He led the 90s band Soul Coughing. A memoir, I Die Each Time I Hear the Sound, will be released by Da Capo/Hachette in summer 2018.





Dave and Doughty check in as Kevin (maybe) does it in the loft with a candlestick, poetry is slammed, and an important conversation takes place- but America was not yet trying to hear it.

Show Notes
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