Before You Were Funny

Tremendosaur (Justin Michael, Jacob Reed) presents BEFORE YOU WERE FUNNY: the most entertainingly terrible sketch show the world has never seen!

We’ve raided the Awful Sketch Vaults of yesteryear and asked our favorite comedians to bring in and perform their worst sketches…LIVE.


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Tremendosaur is a Los Angeles based sketch comedy troupe, consisting of writer/performers Justin Michael and Jacob Reed.


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Description The hat-wearing dudes of Team Tiger Awesome drop in for what turns out to be the most offensive episode we've ever recorded. Featuring terrible Leno impressions, a decent Bullwinkle impression, and an unshot segment from Movie 43 centered entirely around vaginas. Guests: Clint Gage (Funny or Die Presents, CollegeHumor), Nick Mundy (Conan, Happy Endings), Michael Truly (Funny or Die Presents, Cracked). Hosted by Justin Michael and Jacob Reed. More at
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