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Emil Amos tells disturbing and often humiliating stories about growing up in a small town in the 90’s with co-host Jonah Bayer. The series generally outlines the birth and trials of the ‘outsider’, a classic loner archetype in all cultures and literature. The stories begin back when Emil and Duncan Trussell met 20 years ago and bonded as LSD devotees while following various questionable gurus in their early years. Every other episode digs into the archaeology of lesser known music history to illuminate the outsider from another angle.


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Emil Amos has made over 50 records across a wide terrain in underground music with a catalog that stretches over 20 years. He plays live and records constantly with his bands Holy Sons, Om, Grails, Lilacs & Champagne and currently lives in NYC.

Jonah Bayer is a longtime music journalist and the host of the podcast ‘Going Off Track’. He’s also the co-creator of the Web series ‘Sound Advice’ alongside his sister Vanessa Bayer (Saturday Night Live) and guitarist in the screamo band United Nations. You can read his work in Playboy, Noisey and The AV Club.


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This episode details the story behind the song “Reckless Liberation” from the Holy Sons’ record ‘Survivalist Tales’.
Emil enters college and immediately descends into an inner-storm of disassociation and profound confusion; …existing up in trees, on rooftops or gazing down upon normal human life from the rafters of the church. Until he eventually sees a girl from across campus that he decides has to fall in love with him. The uncomfortable relationship between falling in love and morbid depression is explored and Emil inadvertently casts a black magic spell on an enemy who would have him destroyed for a moment’s entertainment.

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