After Birth with Matt Dwyer
Drugs. Booze. Reckless sex. Having a kid changes everything. Join recovering father Matt Dwyer and his support group of comedians, artists, and musicians as they share candid and uncensored stories about life before and after becoming a parent.

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The Host

Matt Dwyer is a writer, comedian and podcaster. He’s worked at the famed Second City in Chicago, has toured the country, been a staple of the New York, Chicago and LA comedy scenes. He has written for FunnyorDie and "Hidden America With Jonah Ray."


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11 – Peter Murrieta
TV Writer & Podcaster Peter Murrieta shares what it is like to grow up Mexican in an all white neighborhood in Arizona, where anger comes from, doing cocaine, being attracted to the strange underbelly of the world, and road tripping with your son before you drop him off at college.