After Birth with Matt & Kelly Dwyer
Drugs. Booze. Reckless sex. Having a kid changes everything. Join recovering parents Matt & Kelly Dwyer and their support group of comedians, artists and musicians as they share candid and uncensored stories about life before and after becoming parents.

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The Hosts

Matt Dwyer is a writer, comedian and podcaster. He’s worked at the famed Second City in Chicago, has toured the country, been a staple of the New York, Chicago and LA comedy scenes. He has written for FunnyorDie and "Hidden America With Jonah Ray."

Kelly Dwyer has been photographing bands and comedians for over a decade. She’s a regular photographer around the LA alternative comedy scene shooting the weekly stand-up show Good Heroin as well as live photos and portraits of comedians such as David Koechner, Bob Odenkirk, Matt Braunger and Kyle Kinane.​​ ​In addition to her photography work she’s a devout skeptic, ​science nerd and feminist.


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