Ethnically Ambiguous with Anna & Shereen

Anna and Shereen are here to talk about what it’s like to be a modern Middle Easterner living in America. Prepare for a deep-ish dive into US politics, ridiculous perspectives on life and stuff, and real talk about being brown in this country.


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Anna is an Iranian-American live comedy/video/podcast producer, writer, and filmmaker working on a wide variety of projects incorporating comedians, artists, writers, and musicians along with working with online platforms such as Nerdist, Cracked, Seeso, Earwolf & more. Shereen is a Syrian-American filmmaker who writes, directs, produces, and shoots short films and music videos, utilizing her experience in commercial production for companies including RSA, Arts & Sciences, PYTKA, and Interscope. They hosted the Ethnically Ambiguous web series together on YouTube’s Snarled Network.

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Special thanks to Brendan Small for our theme song!


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18 – We Are Palestine
It’s episode 18 time! The show is an adult now. The girls go over some recent new stories including the white nationalist march in Poland and a NY Times investigations into US-led airstrikes against ISIS. They then get in to Israel continuing to commit injustices against Palestine and the US’s inability to care about them as a people. Protect the PLO! (Palestine Liberation Organization) The girls go over every country in the Middle East and where their alliances lie when it comes to the Saudi Arabia and Iran. Very informative! Then they discuss some beautiful Middle Easterners social media posts and how influential they are. Wow! Please rate and review the show!