Get Stuffed with Lisa Lampanelli

Nobody’s perfect. Especially you. But Lisa Lampanelli — the Queen of Mean AND now the Queen of Lean — will talk about health, wellness, and everything else to help you be the best YOU you can be. Even if it still isn’t all that great.


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The Hosts

Lisa Lampanelli (comedian, actor, playwright, inspiration to millions) is better than you in many ways. Having sold out Carnegie Hall and Radio City Music Hall, she has brought insult comedy to a new level, and as a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show, she has prompted the King of All Media to say, "Lisa is a true original and a brilliant comedy mind who’ll steal the show every time." She has also logged hours of work on herself, including talk therapy, food rehab, every diet and exercise program known to mankind, and has written for the blog for Kripalu, the world-renowned yoga and meditation retreat center. Is she a contradiction? Hell, yes. But who cares?

In his lifelong pursuit of avoiding a real job, Mike Morse has performed stand-up comedy around the country and has written funny stuff for countless TV shows, radio programs, and people. Some of his highlights include appearances on The Howard Stern Show, writing for MAD Magazine, and being the opening act for Lisa Lampanelli. Some of his lowlights include often sleeping past noon, eating 100 raw clams on a drunken dare, and peeing his pants during his second grade class trip.

Formerly the Gay Movie Reviewer on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," Frank Decaro will serve as a special correspondent to "Get Stuffed." Lisa’s current opening act, Frank helmed the highly rated "Frank Decaro Show" on Sirius OutQ and lives with his husband, New York Times best-selling author Jim Colucci, and pampered pooch Gaby, in Los Angeles and New Jersey.


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