Suicide Buddies

SUICIDE BUDDIES is a show about suicide hosted by Dave Ross and Hampton Yount, two comedians who are buddies. Each episode, they outline and analyze one suicide in history, and share their own experiences with suicide and suicidal thoughts. The show is half laughing in the face of death and half urging you to be good to yourself, because Dave and Hampton are alive, and they want you to stay alive, and they’re hoping a full hour of the world’s darkest jokes will help.


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The Hosts

HAMPTON YOUNT is a comedian, writer and amateur Olive Garden enthusiast. He’s also on MST3K.

DAVE ROSS is a comedian in Los Angeles. He does standup, he tours, he’s been on television a few times, and his cat is mean.


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Sylvia Plath put her head in an oven, and Hampton and Dave put their heads over microphones and talk about that.

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