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Emotional Hangs 15 – Joe and Kurt Get Soft with 23andme

Joe and Kurt analyze why the good die young, which electronic instruments are dorkiest (the key-tar), and whether there’s an afterlife. …

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Mouth Time with Reductress 51 – We Tried Aging…and we HATED it! (w/Hannah Solow)

Dikoda and Ash try aging and spoiler alert: IT’S TERRIBLE! We talk about the renowned theaters haunted by actresses over 40 and talk to legendary 41-year-old a…

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Teen Creeps 39 – LJ Smith’s The Forbidden Game Book 2: The Chase

Kelly and Katai talk Book 2 of LJ Smith’s The Forbidden Game trilogy: THE CHASE! This book has got it all: sexy Pippin music, The Magritte Connection, and terrif…

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Hour of Goon 68-VIP Samurai Cupcakes

Jeordie and Fred use Samurai swords to escape a noisy club. Fred eats Jeordie’s VIP Cupcakes.…

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Harmontown 245 – Explain Your World View

Mystery Science Theater’s Joel Hodgson stops by, everyone’s world view gets questioned, then Mid-East journalists Robert Evans and Magenta Vaughn share …

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Los Feliz: The Podcast 1 – It’s Official!

Morgan and Robin welcome you to their neighborhood. Special guests (and Los Feliz stalwarts) Bill Petty and Ron Baldwin give us a look at issues that affect the ar…

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