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The guys who made the internet show Yacht Rock talk about music other than Yacht Rock.


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The Host

JD Ryznar is a Hollywood writer. He knows very little about music, but enjoys imagining elaborate scenarios inspired by popular songs.

David B Lyons is a Hollywood Location Manager. He knows a little about music, but feels the need to compartmentalize genres, then rank them.

Hollywood Steve Huey is a former staff writer for, a former talking head for VH1, and currently the only unmarried man on this podcast.

Hunter Stair is from Flint, MI.


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The guys count down the best songs from female Yacht Rockers.

Show Notes

Intro song: “Deep Freedom” by CJR

- Donald Fagen (The Father), Michael McDonald (The Son), Kenny Loggins (The Holy Spirit), Jay Graydon (Moses)
- AdeleMashups



Yacht Rock Bone Throw: “Heart to Heart” by Kenny Loggins (Amazon)

- “Yacht Rock” (in case you weren’t aware)
- David Foster co-wrote the song
- Loggins and McDonald sing “Heart to Heart,” and McDonald forgets the words
- Pages sing background vocals on “Heart to Heart”
- Fender Rhodes electric piano
- David Sanborn on the saxophone
- Kenny Loggins is the Yacht Rock wildcard
Dave's Yacht Rock Venn diagram 


Let’s explain the Yacht Rock Triad: 
- Toto brings technically strong rock chops
- Kenny Loggins brings folksy roots
- The Doobie Brothers bring smooth R&B


Women of Yacht
Example song: “We’re Children” by Phoebe Snow (with Kenny Loggins) (Amazon)

There aren’t many Women of Yacht, mostly because, typically, female artists who identified in other genres merely dabbled in Yacht Rock. A majority of these women were primarily disco and R&B singers. Some of them were thrust into the spotlight without much training as a background vocalist.

- Phoebe Snow is from “New York City?!”
- “Bastard from the north”
- Phoebe Snow album “Never Letting Go”
- Steve Gadd on the drums (take it away, Steve)



12. “Are You Thinking?” by Deniece Williams (Amazon)

- Toto on the track, as well as Ray Parker Jr.
- “Who you gonna call?”
- Carole Bayer Sager co-wrote this song
- Williams sang backup for Stevie Wonder (gray sweater)
- One of her mentors was Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire
- “Let’s Hear it For the Boy” by Deniece Williams
- “Family Ties Theme” by Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams


11. “Chuck E's in Love” by Rickie Lee Jones (Amazon)

- Sheryl Crow kind of bit Jones’ style
- Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro
- “Young Blood” by Rickie Lee Jones; “Pirates” by Rickie Lee Jones (other Yacht candidates)
- #problematic
- “The Horses” by Rickie Lee Jones (with Walter Becker)
- “The Horses” by Kenny Loggins


10. “Temptation” by Leah Kunkel (Amazon)

- Leah’s sister Mama Cass Elliot
- Leah’s husband, drummer Russ Kunkel
- Leah worked with Jackson Browne, Carly Simon, Stephen Bishop, James Taylor, Art Garfunkel
- Leah Kunkel album “I Run With Trouble”
- “I Run With Trouble” sample as used by Lil’ Wayne in “Trouble”
- Toto is on the track


9. “All Behind Us Now” by Patti Austin (Amazon)

- Early-mid-80s Michael McDonald song
- 94.7 The Wave
- Patti Austin did jingles for Burger King
- “I’ve Got the Melody (Deep in My Heart)” by Kenny Loggins
- Patti Austin, not a patty
- David Pack of Ambrosia co-wrote this
- “Baby, Come to Me” by James Ingram and Patti Austin
- Bonus: Patti Austin covered Squeeze’s “Another Nail For My Heart”


8. “When You Come Around” by Nicolette Larson (Amazon)

- Doobie Bounce
- Ted Templeman produced this song
- Linda Ronstadt an important proto-Yacht artist
- Larson worked with Neil Young, who co-wrote this
- Maureen McDonald sang background vocals
- One too many McDonalds
- Nicolette Larson album “Radioland”
- Rush ripoff song “Radioland”


7. “You Belong to Me” by Carly Simon (Amazon)

- “You Belong to Me” by the Doobie Brothers
- Anne Murray
- “Desperately Seeking Susan” (starring Rosanna Arquette)
- Carly Simon had relations with Warren Beatty, Cat Stevens, Mick Jagger, Kris Kristofferson, Jack Nicholson, Russ Kunkel
- Picture of Carly Simon and James Taylor that epitomizes Yacht Rock



50 States in 50 Podcasts: Washington
“If It’s Not What You’re Looking For” by Kenny Loggins (Amazon)

Artists from Washington:
- Sir Mix-A-Lot
- Heart
- Queensryche
- Jimi Hendrix
- Kenny G

Other references
- Birthplace of Kenny Loggins
- Birthplace of Hollywood Steve
- Vedder yarl


6. “Love is a Crazy Feeling” by Kiki Dee (Amazon)

- “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” by Elton John and Kiki Dee
- Arnel Pineda with Journey
- Bob Glaub on the track (and others)
- Urban Dictionary definition of “toto”


5. “Dream On” by Dusty Springfield (Amazon)

- Dusty Springfield album “Dusty in Memphis”
- Dusty Springfield album “Living Without Your Love”
- Jay Graydon worked on soundtrack for “Navy Seals” (listen)
- Keyboardist Jai Winding (luxury real estate agent)


4. “It’s the Falling in Love” by Carole Bayer Sager (Amazon)

- DJ Drew Garabo
- Carole Bayer Sager album “...Too”
- “It’s the Falling in Love”“Ben” by Michael Jackson (it was a No. 1 single)
- “Shadows” by Carole Bayer Sager (co-written by Alice Cooper)
- Bill Champlin is also here
- Carole Bayer Sager album “Sometimes Late at Night” (album cover)
- “That’s What Friends are For” - Dionne Warwick (Written: Sager, Burt Bacharach)
- Who was the background singer on “It’s the Falling in Love”? Sources point to Michael McDonald and Bill Champlin.


3. “How Do I Survive?” by Amy Holland (Amazon)

- Amy Holland was nominated for Best New Artist (lost to Christopher Cross)
- Amy Holland married Michael McDonaldand they’re still married
- Soundtracks: “Scarface,” “Night of the Comet,” “Teen Wolf,” “St. Elmo’s Fire”
- Giorgio Moroder
- Climax of “Teen Wolf”, Amy’s song “Shooting For the Moon”Mike Piazza in “Teen Wolf”
- Amy Holland album “On Your Every Word” (100% Yacht) (listen)
- “All I Know” by Michael McDonald and Amy Holland (from “One Life to Live”)
- Amy Holland survived breast cancer


2. “He’s So Shy” by the Pointer Sisters (Amazon)

- The Pointer Sisters: June, Ruth, Anita, sometimes Bonnie Pointer (these days also Issa and Sadako)
- Sausalito
- On 1978’s “Energy”: “Dirty Work (Steely Dan cover),” “Angry Eyes (Loggins & Messina cover),” “Echoes of Love (Doobie Brothers cover)”


1. “Please Don’t Leave” by Lauren Wood (Amazon)

- Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers (a soft organ band)
- Chunky Novi & Ernie
- “Fallen” by Lauren Wood
- Spriggins of Torrance
- Wood had a song in “Police Academy 3: Back in Training”
- Wood voiced a character in “Rugrats” possibly
- “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow
- Lauren Wood album “Cat Trick”


Bonus songs:

“Twice Upon a Time” by Maureen McDonald
- From the animated movie “Twice Upon a Time”
- MoZella (another Maureen McDonald)

“Your Place or Mine” by Melissa Manchester (Amazon)
- From the movie “A Little Sex”
- Manchester co-wrote “Whenever I Call You Friend” with Kenny Loggins

Other proposed genre songs:
- “One Way Ticket” by Laura Allan (Amazon) (a little too southern gospel blues)
- “Faith Walkin’ People” by Amy Grant (Amazon) (yes, and it’s Yacht God!)
- “Don’t Say Love” by Judy Collins (Amazon) (on the fringe)