Lil' Cuties

Comedians and longtime friends Dave Horwitz and Shawn Pearlman are by no means “old,” but they’re both at the point in their lives when they should probably grow up. Shawn works out a lot and eats deli meat over his sink, while Dave has the eating habits of a 12 year old who just found $100 on the sidewalk. Together they are The Lil’ Cuties, and they want to be real adults almost as much as they want attention. It’s a match made in Podcast heaven, baby!


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The Host

Shawn Pearlman is a writer/comedian from southern California who is amazing at one liners and getting away with murder. He loves dogs and he is a little cutie.

Dave Horwitz is a writer/comedian from Massachusetts who shares too many feelings on the internet. He also loves dogs and is also a little cutie. They met many years ago and got very good at yelling at each other at parties. Google them, you silly dingdongs.


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