I Just Want To Talk About Star Trek with Mike McCafferty
Facing his Star Trek Mid-Life Crisis©, actor/comic Mike McCafferty explores the last 50 years of Star Trek from his own, unique and hilarious perspective. Mixing the deep dive facts with the absurd comedy, Mike is relentless in his quest to talk about all things Star Trek. Whether his guests are super fans like himself, people who have worked on a series or just a random person he meets on the street, Mike will share his passion for one of the greatest franchises ever created! Q’plah!

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The Host

Mike McCafferty is a writer and comedic actor. As a writer, he has written pilots for Nickelodeon, Fox, Adult Swim, as well as web content for Funny or Die, Awesomeness and Channel 101. Recently, Mike traveled to Wyoming to shoot the pilot “50 States of Mine,” a supernatural travel show that he wrote, starred in and broke two ribs for!

As an actor, he’s logged over 100 hours on TV and film, bringing funny to a range of shows including “Rick and Morty.” “Key and Peele,” “True Blood,” “Idiocracy,” “Community,” and the Hallmark film “Operation Cupcake,” nominated for zero Emmys!

Mike has a Masters degree in Theatre Arts and teaches improv and acting at AMDA university in Los Angeles. He is married and has two sons that seem to express all the better genes that never showed up in his own DNA.


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45 – Interview with Lev Mailer – RED HOUR GUY!
Mike's mania for the TOS episode "The Return of the Archons" has reached it's logical conclusion when he tracks down and talks to Lev Mailer (Ralph Maurer), who played "Bilar" in the episode. Lev talks about his roles in Star Trek (he was also in "Patterns of Force!"), as well The Lucy, Mission Impossible AND The Star Wars Holiday Special (dear god, he's a national treasure!)